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Friday, December 26, 2014

DG Unlimited unveils new website

From the DGU Team

The new DG Unlimited website is up, running – we hope you like it and that you’ll help us decide how to take it to the next level.
Stage one is designed to be a bright and bold showcase for DGU, its members and the wider creative sector in Dumfries and Galloway.
But we’d really like to know more about what features people think there should be, so it would be great if you could fill in the survey and let us have feedback.
Thanks to all those who have already been in touch.
The survey section also tells you a bit about the sort of plans we already have for the future.
One of the features we really want to bring to your attention is the Unlimited People section which aims to tell the world about the amazing people who make up our membership. We’ve started off with three and hope to add one a week so it builds up into a really good, and fun, portfolio of D&G’s creative talent.

If you would like to be included then click here and follow the instructions – it really is easy.
There is also a news section which will keep you informed about a range of developments in the arts sector, as well as the latest about what DGU is doing.
The website has been created with pages promoting the region and all it has to offer. We intend to build on this by linking through to the Cultural Map of D&G which was commissioned by Fresh Start and is being developed by the council.
The Cultural Map is due to be tested by a group of volunteers in late January.
Once that has been done, and the council’s IT team has sorted out the issues raised by the testers, the plan is to move on to a soft launch which will give the creative sector across D&G the chance to check, change or create entries about themselves and their work.
One last thing – our convenors have new email addresses which you can see here and the general one from now on will be
The old website and Fresh Start email account will be kept going for a little while to make the changeover as easy as possible.
In the meantime we hope you have a superb New Year.

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