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Friday, January 16, 2015

Destination Seating Area design Commission for North Ayrshire Community Hospital

From Will Levi Marshall

Research has highlighted the importance of connections between inside and outside in design for health and wellbeing. Creating meaningful opportunities to enjoy the landscape is central to the “Points of View” Arts Strategy for North Ayrshire Community hospital. Additionally a key to mental and physical health is an active lifestyle. Support to help patients enjoy the outdoors is built into the new hospital facilities. This project helps reinforce these aims by providing a destination seating area encouraging all weather access to the landscape.

The sited structure will provide shelter and be open and light enough to offer safety and security. The design will integrate into landscaping contours and include a wheelchair accessible path and handrails. It is anticipated that the seating will need to be arranged to allow small groups of two or three a sense of place as well as individual seats.
The finished design should provide a beautiful sensory ‘place apart’ feature on the campus, encouraging access to outdoor location. Additional benefit may be gained from short ramp and stairs with bespoke handrails to encourage mobility and light exercise. 

Please email for Full brief, application procedure and supporting documentation. 

Contractual Payment Details
Base budget comprises of £ 27,250. 
Of the budget it is assumed that £17,000 will be used for manufacture and install of the seating area and shelter. This assumes £5,750 is available for artists/design fees, and a further fee of £4,500 is available for engineering certification and permissions.

An allowance of £14,000 is available for enabling works executed by the Building Contractor if required by the design agreed.
Location: North Ayrshire
Deadline: Monday 16 February 2015
For further information, please contact
Full details online here


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