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Saturday, January 31, 2015

Spring Fling Evolution and Arts Hubs Update

From Alan Thomson, DG Unlimited Annandale and Eskdale Arts Hub Convenor and Arts Policy and Development Coordinator

Along with the other Area Hub Convenors in their districts I have been pleased to facilitate a couple of meetings in Annandale and Eskdale for consultant Steve Brown of Collaborate Consulting Ltd to meet with interested groups to contribute to the discussion on the Spring Fling Evolution project. The idea being to examine the notion that Spring Fling can build out from the outstanding success of it’s Open Studios weekend and use its expertise and resources to become a year-round development agency for the visual art and craft sector.

Having expected a roomful of committed Spring Flingers it was interesting to meet a handful of young artists seeking support to professionalise and grow their practice and a group of community activists seeking opportunities through the arts to regenerate their communities.

Steve and his team are holding meetings across the Region but if you have not yet had a chance to have your say, get in touch. Steve loves to talk. Details online here.

The next few Hub meetings in A&E will begin the process of developing a new district ‘plan’ which will in turn will become part of the Regional Arts Plan, necessary to map the way forward as the Dumfries and Galloway Place Partnership draws to a close and new means of securing investment in the Region’s creative sector requires to be developed.

Change is afoot at the Regional Arts Hub too, when it meets next week to consider adopting a Terms of Reference document. Discussion will reflect on proposed arrangements for the relationship between the Regional Arts Hub and the DG Unlimited and will revolve around proposals drafted by Richard Macfarlane of the Bakehouse with some input from Jim Tildesley, Secretary of the DGU Trustees. This is a task they were allocated at a productive meeting of the two bodies towards the end of last year. The overall aim is to empower the RAH to operate more effectively and thus strengthen the DG Unlimited structure to benefit the entire sector. Good luck to everyone involved.

Note from DGU team: It appears that gremlins have been at work – our list of Regional Arts Hub folk here on The Commonty described Carolyn Yates as ex-Literature Development Officer. She is, as most will know, still very much active in that role – apologies to her.

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