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Friday, May 1, 2015

Latest from the Regional Arts Hub Working Group

The first meeting of the RAH Working Group was held on 30th March 2015 at Electric Theatre Workshop in Dumfries – it was attended by:

Sid Ambrose, Matt Baker, Anne Barclay, Leah Black, Simon Davidson, Belle Doyle , Sara Lockwood, Graham Main, Alex McQuiston, Cate Ross and Alan Thomson.

As this was the first meeting and seen as a new start for many of us within DGU we agreed to spend our two hour meeting going around the table each outlining our priorities and programme for the next year. In advance of the meeting the four Area Convenors circulated a list of the five key priorities identified for their area though contact with the local sector.

What followed was a very productive and positive exchange – where many areas were identified of strengths and weaknesses in the arts provision for the region. Youth Arts, in particular, was clearly an area which good progress is being made – after previously being identified as a clear weakness regionally at the beginning of the Fresh Start for Arts consultancy.

Notes from the conversation and further contributions from the group after the meeting are now being collated by our Regional Policy and Development Worker Alan Thomson – to inform further development of a new regional arts approach.

If you have anything you would like to contribute to this conversation please contact Alan Thompson directly:

The next meeting of the RAH Working Group is on 6th May the draft agenda for this meeting is:

* Working with the DGU Board

* Update on regional strategy following previous meeting

* Forming specialist art-form groups – priorities/process

* Developing a Charter for Events regionally

* Regional Focus – Conveners reports (5 bullet points from each Convenor about current concerns/needs/themes in their area)

* Date and format for next RAH gathering

* Proposal to Co-opt Pete Renwick for DGArts festival to working group

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