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Thursday, April 25, 2013

'The Crow House' launches in paperback at Wigtown Spring Book Festival

Published poet Jean Atkin has written a novel set in Wigtown – and she’ll be bringing the
paperback edition of ‘The Crow House’ to Wigtown Spring Festival on Monday 6 th May at 3pm in The Bookshop. Tickets are available online.

‘The Crow House’ is a mystery/fantasy novel which explores the darker side of Scotland’s Book Town. The book is set in Wigtown in two different centuries, and time travel was surely never this inconvenient – or terrifying. And appropriately for a tale set in a Book Town, there’s also a significant, and sinister, book in the story.

Although Jean is widely published as a poet, ‘The Crow House’ is her first novel for young

She said, “’The Crow House’ is the story of a Wigtown that is partly a real place, partly historic – and partly imaginary. It’s a town where you do feel that there are stories in every stone, in every passageway, in the walls of every bookshop. The Crow House is old. It has unsafe secrets – and doors that aren’t like other doors.”

‘The Crow House’ is attracting warm reviews from adults: “The atmosphere
is compelling from the start and there’s a memorably terrifying villain. Highly
recommended”; and from children: “The time travel in this book is different from
other ones I’ve read because it happens unexpectedly and causes trouble for Holly and
Callum. It’s quite scary.”

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