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Saturday, October 5, 2013

New Youth Group to start at Electric Theatre Workshop

Dumfries and Galloway’s only professional theatre company, Electric Theatre Workshop, have announced they are providing an all new youth theatre group due to popular demand!

After two very successful years, Electric Theatre Workshop’s youth theatre (Dumfries Youth Theatre) has already produced four outstanding pieces of theatre work with one now touring, set in a nightclub. The performance of Blood Orange was shown in Chancers Nightclub on the 22nd September.

But this is just not enough for the young people of Dumfries, and youths from surrounding areas cannot wait to be involved in something as great as this! The theatre group will be named ‘’Dumfries and Galloway Youth Theatre’’ and it will run from Saturday 5th October from 12:00 until 15:00 in the Munches Street studios.

This group will offer young people from all over our region (15 -25 year olds) the chance to improve and develop their acting techniques and also enhance their script reading and writing skills.
It will give youths the chance to build new relationships with others of the same age and also boost their confidence levels. If youths are keen on writing their own pieces of theatre or would just like to try it out then this group will give them the opportunity to explore all different types of work.

Jordan Chisholm (foreground) in ETW's 'We Can be Heroes'

Jordan Chisholm, associate artist, Electric Theatre Workshop, said:
‘’We are delighted to be starting up an all new and exciting youth theatre group, right here in the town, that involves not only the youths of Dumfries, but also those who don’t have the same opportunity in neighbouring areas. After all, Dumfries is in the business of the arts and where else is better to develop the talent we already have?’’

If you are interested in coming along -  pop in to our studios in Munches Street and chat to some of our team, or to register call us on 01387 271820

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