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Sunday, September 21, 2014

Nithraid - in pictures

From The Stove Network 

Saturday 13th September saw the second Nithraid - what a day it turned out to be...the sun shone and in excess of 5000 people filled the riverside in Dumfries and all the way down to Glencaple....even Alex Salmond couldn't resist and popped in on the event during his round the country helicopter tour.

The winning boat arrives at the Salty Coo and the CDM (Coo Delivery Mechanism)
Pictures are the best way to tell the full story of: bicycle powered metal casting, skating and BMXing, the beach in the town, the salty coo procession and dunking and the amazing Balkan Street Carnival Band. 

There is a great selection of pictures on The Stove Blog - here

Watching the race relayed in model form on the Sands

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