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Sunday, September 21, 2014

Nithraid - thanks

From Mike Riddle

Hello to all, 
It was a hazy lazy saturday but excitement suddenly filled me on seeing the lovely coloured sails being prepared for Nithraid start. It was fantastic to have been invited to come and be a part of the race without a sailing machine or the ability to pay for entry. Its that kind of inclusiveness that exemplifies the spirit of The Stove for the common person.

The tranquility in the estuary genuinely surprised me. My fears about a river canoe in open water could be put aside for a windier day and 'Dumfries 50', with its homemade paddles and sails, cargo of an orange, could slip ahead of the sails and head toward a porpoise also heading up the channel.

I cant describe what its like to have tingly arms and a numb bum while being encouraged by thousands of folk lining the Nith banks and bridges as we passed them. With canoes certainly being banned next year for our renegade arriving first, its been a once in a lifetime experience. May I thank the organisers, the winners platform crew who understood the moral victory on behalf of those less able to be a part of events due to reduced funds. Their congratulations warmed my heart and the event really does highlight the need to focus on a river that could once again be an invaluable asset to the town and people.

Many thank from the renegade rowers.
The Renegade Rowers - Keith Beacom (left) and Mike Riddle

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