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Saturday, October 4, 2014

DG Unlimited: The Manifesto

From the DG Unlimited team

The idea of a manifesto – a clear statement of purpose and identity – is a time-honoured tradition in the arts.
And it seemed only right that DG Unlimited, as a grassroots organisation which has been created by the sector to bring positive change, should have its own bold declaration of aims and ambitions. The task of coming up with a manifesto was given by the board of trustees to the consultancy team which has been working on the rebranding – comms person Matthew Shelley, artist Matt Baker, graphic designer Russell Milligan and photographer/videographer Colin Tennant.
But the defining part of the process took place at an intensely creative day-long branding session at Gracefield Arts Centre which brought together members, convenors, trustees and the consultancy team. They, along with many others who contributed thoughts and suggestions at other stages, are the true authors of the DG Unlimited manifesto. It was a tough but very rewarding job to condense so many hopes, ideas and ambitions into one concise statement for readers who may have no knowledge of the region, or its creative life. You can read the result below or download it from the DGU website.

The DG Unlimited Manifesto
Dumfries and Galloway is a creative heartland on Europe’s geographical edge, with a distinct cultural heritage that spans millennia. It is a vibrant centre of the contemporary arts, reaching outwards over land and sea to England, Ireland and the rest of Scotland.
Our artists and arts organisations are united in recognising the value of the past, the richness of the present and the potential of the future. They have seized the opportunity to create a dynamic grass-roots movement with the ambition, vision and influence to ensure that the arts play an increasingly central role in our regional life and economy.
This movement is DG Unlimited. An independent charity, it is the voice of its members, and the wider creative community, promoting them locally, nationally and internationally. It is their advocate with potential partners, decision makers, service providers, public agencies, peer groups and many others.

DG Unlimited is:
• Democratic – its strength, identity and purpose come from its members.
• Supportive – establishing a nurturing environment for artists and championing their interests.
• Pioneering – led by artists with the bold development of the region’s arts as its core objective.
• Open and egalitarian – all should thrive; all should flourish.

DG Unlimited will:
• Listen, give voice and argue for the arts
• Share knowledge and give direction
• Provide a cohesive network of practitioners reaching into every part of the region
• Connect audiences, partners, providers and practitioners
• Be a source of opportunities
• Integrate the arts at all levels of society though partnerships in education, heritage, tourism, environment and economics
• Expand audiences, making the arts accessible to all, reaching out specifically to young and old
• Set strategic direction
• Enable artists to organise, debate, collaborate and campaign
• Grow and nurture a sustainable arts sector

The arts enrich our lives; they stimulate new ideas and are a source of personal and collective fulfilment, of health, wellbeing and community cohesion. A flourishing arts sector also brings economic benefits. DG Unlimited is a driving force, encouraging creativity and delivering commissions in towns and villages, among people of all ages, backgrounds and interests.
DG Unlimited promotes artistic engagement. It fosters quality, pursues excellent results, unleashes energies and innovates. It strives to see the big picture and to be a gravitational force, attracting audiences, practitioners, funders and visitors. Through all of this it makes Dumfries and Galloway a better place to live, work and visit.


  1. Utter garbage. Hands up if you took part in creating this manifesto? Don't recall any sector engagement here

  2. Don't leave out scientific partnerships