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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Scotland's History Festival @ Moffat

From Elizabeth Roberts

This month, Moffat will be part of Scotland's history festival 'Previously…' for the first time with a unique tea-and-talk formula at Moffat Town Hall 3-5pm as follows:

Scotland's Imperial Railway - Thurs 13th Nov: historian David Ross will investigate the men and the money behind 'The Caledonian'

‘Faster than fairies, faster than witches, Bridges and houses, hedges and ditches’ David Ross, author of ‘The Caledonian: Scotland’s Imperial Railway – A History’ tells the triumphs and tragedies of the men and money behind the iconic network.
Adult £7.50 (to include Cream Tea with themed cakes.'

Merlin & Moffat - Thurs 20th Nov: Nikolai Tolstoy reveals the truth about that old magician's sojourn in our hills

'Nikolai Tolstoy, author of The Quest for Merlin shows the evidence that Merlin was a Dark Ages historical figure who retired to a cave in the hills above Moffat after a traumatic battle nearby.

£7.50 (to include Cream Tea with themed cakes)'

'We're all on a journey' - Thurs 27th November: Richard Demarco will inaugurate Moffat's annual tribute to roadbuilder John 'Tar' McAdam

'Richard Demarco CBE describes in words and pictures an imagined journey of Russian national poet Mikhail Lermontov, b. 1814, through the land of his Scottish Learmonth forefathers. John McAdam of ‘macadamised’ and ‘tarmac’ fame is buried in Moffat churchyard.
£7.50 (to include Cream Tea with themed cakes)' 

Tickets £7.50 from Eventbrite here or Present Time 2/3 High St Moffat, DG10 9ET tel 01683 222777

Previously… has extended its coverage this year, with events taking place in Edinburgh, Glasgow, Stirling, St Andrews, Dunfermline and Moffat, offering history goings-on  which will appeal to families, students, history buffs, beer drinkers, foodies and anyone with an interest in Scotland’s past and what it can mean for our present and indeed future.

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