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Regional Arts Hub

The Regional Arts Hub (RAH) is one of the key groups within the communication systems of DG Unlimited. Here information, ideas and questions are shared amongst creative practitioners from around the region. The RAH develops concrete proposals for the region’s arts sector and passes these to the DGU Board who then support their implementation with key partners like Dumfries and Galloway Council and Creative Scotland.

So what the heck is a Hub?

Good question – ‘Hub’ seems to mean all things to all people – in the case of RAH we define our Hub as being the centre of a wheel – a centre of gravity that gathers information, opinion and need from the world around it (our small world being the region’s arts sector)

Who is on the Regional Arts Hub?

* Any individual or organisation who is in receipt of in excess of £3000 funding via DG Unlimited is on the Regional Arts Hub (it is a condition of their funding that they participate in RAH)

* The four Area Arts Convenors

* DGU Policy and Development Worker

* RAH can also co-opt people to join the group to bring specialist skills into the Hub.

How does the RAH work #1?

Since February 2015 the status of RAH within DGU has changed significantly. RAH is now a Sub-Committee of the DGU Board this means that the work of RAH has an official status within the constitution of DGU. Also, the Chair and Vice Chair of RAH automatically become members of the DGU Board, to be an effective channel of communication between the two groups.

The RAH elects three officers from its membership, currently these posts are held by:

* Chair – Matt Baker

* Vice Chair – Anne Barclay

* Secretary – Simon Davidson

How does the RAH work #2?

The RAH has appointed a working group to undertake day-to-day activities on our behalf.

The RAH Working Group:

* Meets monthly

* Communicates with RAH by email and full group meetings

* Communicates with the wider sector via Area Arts Convenors, The Commonty and DGU website

* Commissions specialist groups to explore particular areas of interest (eg individual artforms, audience development, youth arts etc)

* Is supported by the DGU Policy and Development Worker (Alan Thomson) to develop strategic priorities and projects on behalf of the arts sector in the region.

* Coordinates full RAH gatherings

The RAH Working Group currently comprises:

Sid Ambrose (Wigtownshire Area Arts Convenor)

Matt Baker

Anne Barclay

Leah Black

Simon Davidson

Belle Doyle (Nithsdale Area Arts Convenor)

Sara Lockwood

Graham Main

Alex McQuiston

Cate Ross (Stewartry Area Arts Convenor)

Alan Thomson (DGU Policy and Devt and Annandale & Eskdale Area Arts Convenor)

How does the RAH work #3?

It is planned that the full RAH meets twice a year – the format for these gatherings will evolve over time. They will involve a mixture of formal business, arts activity and networking. It is proposed to widen the invitation to these gatherings to all in the sector who would like to attend.


If you want to know more about the RAH or contribute ideas/comments please contact our Secretary Simon Davidson -

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