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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Dalbeattie Craft trail. Sunday 25th September

Dalbeattie Craft Trail
The Craft Trail will take place on Sunday 25th September from 10am-4pm.
Artists include Karen Macleod –recycled textiles and mixed media, Roger Lever-photography,  Gavin Phillips-green wood carving, Marion McGhie-fine art, Sami Thorpe, portraiture, Clarice Milligan, stained glass as well as Claire Watson, jewellery  Dalbeattie Museum, which houses a wealth of history.
At the Nail Factory artists will include; Ruth Gilchrist-pen and ink,
Simon Lidwell-Wordsmith Arts-Viking jewellery and leatherwork,
Erwin Van’t Hoff Popov-Silversmith and Celtic jewellery,  Lesley O’Brien –fine art and photography, Dawn Rhodes-metal sculpture
Kath Mayo-driftwood mirrors and Andy Breen, wood carving.
There will be workshops and demonstrations on the day as well as the opportunity to talk to artists about their work.
Activities will include papercrafts, stone and wood carving, knitting, crochet and bunting making.
Dalbutha Artists Collective
This is a group of artists and craft makers who exhibit at the Nail Factory. We work with local groups of all ages, providing demonstrations and workshops. We believe in keeping craft skills alive and value the therapeutic nature of art.
It is hoped that the Dalbeattie Craft Trail will become an annual event, increasing visitor numbers to the town.We would like to thank the organisers of the Kirkcudbright Craft Trail for their support and advice. Acknowledgementsaalso  to the Dalbeattie Community Initiative.
Dalbeattie artist, Ruth Gilchrist has drawn the craft trail map for the brochure. We hope to raise funds to pay for the publication of the brochure. A number of local businesses  have been very supportive and will open specially on Sunday 25th. Two 6th formers from Dalbeattie High school have been working on preparing the brochure for printing.
A coffee morning was held to help fund the printing of the brochure on Saturday 6th August.


  1. A big welcome to this...lets hope you get the support you deserve - go Dalbeattie!

  2. Excellent initiative! Hoping I can maybe get something like this going in Dumfries!