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Friday, May 29, 2015

Annual General Meeting - Take 1

From Matt Baker

On Wednesday 27th May the good people of DGU gathered for their inaugural AGM - it was a short and sweet affair characterised with all the good humoured banter that we have come to expect when artists get constitutional on each others arses.

The bottom line (move on from bahookies - Ed) good people is that this meeting was simply a procedural affair that passed important amendments to our constitution in relation to the make-up of the Board of Trustees and how they are elected:

The maximum number of charity trustees is 12 

At each AGM the Members will elect or re-elect Board trustees as follows to be a charity trustee for a three year term:

-Two Members from Annandale and Eskdale Area to be elected by the Membership of Annandale and Eskdale Area.

-Two Members from Nithsdale Area to be elected by the Membership of Nithsdale Area.

-Two Members from Stewartry Area to be elected by the Membership of Stewartry Area.

-Two Members from Wigtown Area to be elected by the Membership of Wigtown Area.

-The Regional Arts Hub (or its successor body) will nominate Two Trustees to serve for a year commencing at each AGM
-Two others

Every member has one vote, which may be given personally at the meeting or submitted electronically or by post to the Registered Office of the Trust. Votes sent electronically or by post must be received by 5p.m. on the day prior to the meeting.

(NB if someone is standing as a member of a specific area (eg Nithsdale) then only members of DGU from that area can vote on their election)

Are you still with us......I hope so because this is important stuff - your region and your sector needs people to put themselves forward to be on the Board - we particularly need people who work (or who have worked) in the arts sector and want to make a contribution that supports further innovation, development and growth across the board in the arts...that means YOU!

Currently there are 5 Trustees.....2 practitioners will be joining the Board from the Regional Arts Hub....that means there are 5 spaces available to properly make a difference. Get in about it!

What happens next:

    1. 5th June deadline for receipt of nominations (to  with 100 words about why you would be an awesome trustee)
    2. 9th June circulation of election papers
    3. 22nd June deadline for postal and electronic votes
    4. 1st July AGM reconvened - for election of Trustees

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  1. We've received this further clarification about being a Trustee if you are a practicing artist/part of an arts organisation from the wonderful Bea Last - who is a Trustee and a practicing artist in the region: 'For those that perhaps are 'Artists' & interested in applying to join the Board, that once a trustee, you can still apply for funding, but if the Board are involved in making the decision on applicants, they have to declare an interest and not take part in the decision making process. They would have to declare an interest from any decisions involving whatever they are involved in.'